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Question, does this work for GMS2?

Okay but how do I use it, there isn't even a readme


very cool


Hey! I was wondering. Do you think this will ever be available on Mac?

Deleted 188 days ago

+1 to this.


Thanks to this program, I was able to make an awesome background for a battle against Neco-Arc

10/10, most likely to use this for a long while.


Alright, time to go beat up evil crows for $2


this program is awesome sauce i enjoy

took u long enough



I made an account purely to comment that this is something I've been looking for for years now and I'm so happy you made something like this


earfbuond :)

RPG maker support? 

I’m not super sure how exactly rpg maker works but if I end up making an export it will be very limited because of a lack of shaders.

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yo how do i export a gif? just curious

edit: i was using 1.0.3! my bad 



mother 4

mookal real


This is so awesome