A downloadable game for Windows

This is a recreation of Petscop an online webseries which is based on a PS1 game. Sadly, Petscop is unplayable. That is why a group of people and I are recreating Petscop. Currently, the game is in beta. During this stage there will be no development on the story. We will be mainly working on key features such as animations, gameplay elements, menus, etc.

PETSCOP 3D is now open source: https://github.com/BubbleDerp/Petscop3D-Source

Join our Discord server for frequent updates on game development!

Discord Temporarily removed | Youtube | All Builds

Keyboard Controls:
X     = [Z]
O     = [D]
TRI   = [X]
SQU   = [S]
UP    = [↑]
DOWN  = [↓]
LEFT  = [→]
RIGHT = [←]
L1    = [W]
L2    = [E]
R1    = [R]
R2    = [T]
Window Size Controls:
Scale 1 = [1]
Scale 2 = [2]
Scale 3 = [2]
Windowed Fullscreen = [4]
Full screen = [5]
NTSC toggle = [6]
Keyboard to controller toggle = [7]

BubbleDerp, Wirelex, red, ZeroDragon

Kranas, red, uhhh

Lead Artist:
Rotten Venen

Sound Technicians:
ChocolateJake, ugng

Sprite Artists:
CartoonWarp, ChocolateJake, Christablook, Finitus, Free TV Warlord, xewz, Natsuki, Ness, Noogai223, pissmastermind, SlamGrene, TheNewOrchestra, TheNinjaKatie, TS|rootLM, ugng

Beta Testers:
Abbey, Cannedawesomeness, charlie, Ethan, marvin, MaxMouse, Orlando2303, Basebin, Sleepy Deino, The World Over Heaven, Eskimo

Install instructions

Windows only for now. Download and double click.


Petscop3D Beta 1.5 34 MB

Development log

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Hello, i'be tried playing but everytime i open it it says ''to fix this error download dirct 2010'' it opens a window and instantally downdload it. when i finish downoading it and i open the game it still pops up the same error, anyone that can help me?

Umm you should look at other comments because there is a lot about that and there is help

Kiedy jest nowa aktualizacja?

MatPat needs to see this!

wait wheres the flower and cloud

It isn't implemented yet

ok will u add it soon

i havent tested it yet but im sure it will br great

what does tab do?


can i play with a xbox 360 controller or nintendo switch pro controller?

(3 edits)

You can only use PS1 through 4 controllers.


this is great but all the videos i've seen of this copy and have version 1.6. i have 1.5 and it says it doens't need updating but the game won't progress unless i update it. any idea og what's going on?

The update refers to the need for direct x also you have 1.5 beta not 1.6 alpha

it says i have direct x in my files. also how do i get from 1.5 beta to 1.6 alpha because everywhere i look, i can't find an update or way to change it

1.6 alpha is old 1.5 beta is new

oh thanks, sorry for any confusion


This is extremely well done! I've been working on my own remake in the Godot engine for the past few days and went see what other people have done. I'm not very far along yet but I can say from experience that you're doing an amazing job!

This project is actually dead I gave up. But I have actually been learning godot recently so if you would like any support send me your discord

With assets that is

this game is epic

but hey that's just a theory, a game theory 


this is epic


To access the creepy stuff scroll down

1. Go to the bird room

2.Press start then down down down down down right start and go outside and it should be different.

gotta remember that!


(2 edits)

Probably a new developer as it was said BubbleDerp left this project but team is still there and continue working on it just without BubbleDerp


okano is bubble's alias

Linux plz ... maybe ?

the all builds page is down

anybody got a link to the discord

R.I.P. petscop :(

This game is dead play Giftscop

(1 edit)

it's to early to say that it's dead

yeah, bubblederp doesn't work on the project anymore, the site hasn't been updated when it should've and the only thing that keeps their discord alive is memes. definetly too early.

He was not alone in this project he left but dev team are still there well at least that what they said

Press 8 to show Newmaker plain Icons


where can I find this



Apologies for the comment as it caused some... issues.

OMG!! its awesome!! 

hey my game is slow motion or do I need it to settle

Please can somebody help me understand i am kind of confused i don't understand Bubblegum said that he is leaving but the old team going to continue project am i right? So is it still going to be updated on this page or somewhere else?

yes,bubblederp gave up, but the team will continue making the game... now if they gonna put the updates here... that's the mystery to both of us.

why did he give up?

he quit,also if you try to find him you will notice that he deactived or changed most of his social media accounts.

If only they give us a link to discord

Please add flower level


i can't downlaod it on my pc

Press Nifty = 


yes it works ok


So... How do i get to the garden on PC like how do i do the keys?

This will be quite sad,but BubbleDerp has ceased development on Petscop 3D,but he has still source code,Try it out!

Pfft, it's not cancelled.

I'm continuing it with some of the old team.

Really? Where is it gonna be continued (link, etc)

I'd love to help with art!

Send a DM to me on Discord I guess

Caylie C#4759

In the pet place, randice the flower and the cloud aren't there, just the bucket?

I get the same issue.

they are not added yet

The screen zooms on a corner and wont display the whole screen. What can I do to fix this?

(1 edit)

what need i to do? i downloaded the dirextx for june 2010 from the link, but i still have this error. help please

im stuck inside there somehow

Imma just do the entire game again xd

(1 edit)

When i try closing or quitting the game it freezes, can u repair this?

oh and also can u add that flower-pet and the cloud on the game?


Really appreciate your effort to recreate petscop game, thank you so much!

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